WiFiFoFum Intrepid

I’ve been working on a new version of WiFiFoFum with Malc.  The codename we’ve used for the project is Intrepid, and it’s basically a complete rewrite of the WFFF codebase to get it compatible with iOS 7.

As many of you will know, WFFF for iOS has languished for some time due to Apple’s policies around Wi-Fi scanning.  Years ago WFFF was kicked out of the official App Store and we subsequently put it in Cydia.  Although it found an audience in Cydia, it got harder and harder to develop the app when Apple were not only denying us access to the iTunes Store distribution channel, but also seemed to be doing everything they could to block developers from accessing the Wi-Fi functions in iOS devices.

Dynamically Loaded felt it was time to try to push the boundaries again and, thanks to some simply stunning and ground-breaking work from Malc, he and I have created a version of WFFF that works wonderfully on standard iOS 7 devices… no jailbreak required!

I’m particularly proud of Intrepid.  A decade ago Malc and I were the first to figure out Wi-Fi scanning on Windows Mobile devices, and released WFFF as the world’s first widely available, mobile wireless scanner.  Half a decade ago we were the first to discover how to achieve Wi-Fi scanning on the iPhone, which led to the first iOS version of WFFF.  When Apple changed the Wi-Fi frameworks a couple of years later we again were the first to discover how to scan using new techniques.  Finally, when Apple completely removed Wi-Fi access via the iOS frameworks, even when using the hidden techniques we had discovered, I thought we’d never again be able to provide Wi-Fi scanning on jailed iOS devices.  However, with Intrepid we’ve done it, and I can’t wait to release it publicly and make the world’s best Wi-Fi scanner available to all iOS devices once more.

Our new scanning methods do not break ANY of the iTunes App Store rules so we will be submitting it to Apple and hope to have WiFiFoFum Intrepid available through the official store.  However, there are never any guarantees with Apple, so if for any reason they do not allow it into the store we will be making it available directly through the Dynamically Loaded site.

Intrepid will be ready for release soon, but in the meantime here are some screenshots of it running on my own jailed iPhone 5.

  • Paul

    This is extremely awesome! I’m an original user of WiFiFoFum on WinMobile, continue to run it on my jailbroken iPod Touch 3G. Can’t wait to have a native stumbler again.

    One request — the ability to upload directly to Wigle.net. WigleWiFi is a great tool on Android, and the direct upload functionality is great.

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  • minimally

    I wait for your app…it’s wounderful. Try to put in Tongbu market.

  • Thank you for working on this!

    I recently started considering buying an Android tablet to assist me with wireless scanning, even though my iPhone is capable of doing EVERYTHING else.

    I look forward to the release of your product (via App Store or website) so that I may use this feature again!

    • marek

      Thanks Derek! Malc and I have been continuing to work hard on this and we are likely to have a release ready early in the new year. In the meantime, if you want to join the beta program then email intrepid@dynamicallyloaded.com and I’ll get you added to the next beta build.

  • Shane

    Was bummed when WFFF would not work with my jailbroken 5S on iOS7. After reading this though, I am super stoked!! Thanks for your hard work!!

    • marek

      Thanks! We’ve decided on two streams. There will be a new version of WiFiFoFum for Cydia (WFFF 7), and WiFiFoFum Intrepid will be for jailed phones. Essentially, the UI will be completely identical, but the underlying scan code for each is quite different. Cydia version should be good to go perhaps as soon as this week, but still working through some late bugs for the jailed version.

      • Paul

        Cool news on the new Cydia version. Will you support older iOS versions? My iPod Touch is stuck at 5.1.1 but still makes a nice rig with WFFF and an external GPS.

      • Shane

        Take your time, do it right and will definitely be looking forward to it.

  • Marc

    Any news on the App Store version. This is the holy grail of what I was looking for!!

    • marek

      Hi Marc,

      We’d love to get the jailed version into the official store, but not sure Apple will allow it. In the past we’ve been told they just plain don’t let Wi-Fi scanners in even if they don’t break any rules. We can try, but we may have to distribute directly ourselves for jailed devices 🙁

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  • Nuttapol Nick Kittiwarawut

    Any update on the intrepid project? I am dying to install it on my jailed iOS devices 🙁 Any chance I can be a tester?

  • My Wififofum Intrepid stopped working on my iPhone at version (316), and since then I have updated to iOS! Are there any plans to make it work with iOS 8? It is a fantastic tool that I originally started using when it was available in the Apple store many years ago.

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