HP are still producing TouchPads!

So HP are doing “one last run of TouchPads”.  Why, and even at $99 who is actually buying them?  These are abandoned hardware, there will never be an update for them, and there will be little support for them so why would anyone buy what is dead hardware?  I’m not saying these things aren’t selling – they definitely are – I just don’t understand the people who are buying them.

If anyone has bought one I’d love to hear the reasoning for doing so, so feel free to leave comments.

HP in Trouble

Great article here about HP’s recent history…


Personally, I don’t see how HP can expect to sell in the server and business software market if they lose their home PC side.  One of the main reasons companies buy HP servers and software is because they recognise the name.  Without the home or mobile markets there are going to be a lot less people who are familiar with the HP brand in the future.