How to turn off shared calendar alerts in iOS 6 and above

iOS 6 has a new feature where if you are using a shared calendar and someone else makes any change – creates a new event, moves and event, changes length of event, etc – then you will get an alert on your iPhone or iPad. Personally, I find this very annoying as often the people I share calendars with add or edit tens of events at a time and my iPhone just keeps beeping away like crazy.

I eventually figured out how to turn this alert off. Just go to the Settings app, scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then scroll down again until you see the “Shared Calendar Alerts” setting and just flick it off. Now your phone won’t have a fit when other people add or edit calendars.

Shared calendar alerts off switch

  • spider_dave

    I’ve got a 3GS that updated to iOS 6.0. I shared a calendar with one person. it’s driving that person nuts….my 3GS doesn’t have the “Shared Calendar Alerts” switch and neither does the other person

  • Stephen Ferris

    Doesn’t work for me when a make a change to my calendar on my iMac, my wife, who shares my calendar, gets an alert in the “Invitation” tray on her iPhone calendar, even though her “Shared Calendar Alerts” is turned off. Must be a bug Apple needs to fix.

  • Chris

    … and when no changes are made, but you just don’t want to hear alarms for shared calendar events?

    What then?

  • Stephen Ferris

    I don’t know about iPhone, but this does not work at all for me on my iPad. Wish it did. I continue to get a message in my Calendar invitations tray every time my wife updates her Calendar. Annoying. Seems to be a bug.

  • Kyle

    This doesn’t work for me, even with this turned off they still show up in my notification center, any ideas?

  • Gina

    We’re having the same issue. He’s getting alerts for all his staff’s calendar on his iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4. My husband is about ready to throw his phone out the window. And sometimes he can’t even turn the alert/alarm off in the middle of the alert. Hoping this bug gets fixed soon for the sake of his sanity.