How to disable smooth-scrolling in Mountain Lion

Up until Mountain Lion, in OS X there was always an option to switch smooth scrolling on and off.  I think it was a checkbox called ‘Use Smooth Scrolling’ in the Appearance section of System Preferences.  An example of smooth scrolling is in Safari, where if you are viewing a web page and hit space then without it the page just immediately jumps to the next section, whereas if you have it on you see it very quickly scroll down to the next section. However, in Mountain Lion this option no longer exist and smooth scrolling seems stuck on.

If this annoys you then you can still turn if off by opening and entering:

defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool NO

  • Thanks,

    I find smooth scrolling to be annoying and distracting.

  • zomby

    before i try this, what about re-enabling it? do i just replace no with yes?

    • marek

      Yes, replacing NO with YES will put it back. Make sure you write NO and YES with all capitals.

  • Benauer

    Hi Marek,
    i wrote (copy and past) the line above and pressed enter. Then I quit terminal and started mac again, but the annoying smooth scrolling is still there? I mean when I scroll, the content doesn’t stop at the end of the window, but goes little down and up.
    If you can – pls help me, because I loose my mind …

  • David Strait

    Thank you so much. I had lists of movies and every time I tried to look at the bottom of the list the mouse would jump back to the beginning of the list. Surprisingly this became a real quality of life issue..Thank you.