Apple Sept 9th, 2014 Event Predictions

Here are my predictions for todays event…

Two new iPhones, 4.7″ and 5.5”. They will both be shipping 1-2 weeks after the event. They will have a new A8 SoC and M8 motion chip. They will, unfortunately, most likely still have 1GB RAM. Better camera, better speakers, better battery (particularly on the 5.5”). Both phones will act more like iPads than the current iPhones… for example, when you rotate to horizontal in you’ll get the split view that shows the inbox and the email at the same time. They will have NFC and Apple will announce payment partnerships with VISA, Mastercard, etc. Since a dude from the PassBook team said about 6 months ago that there were major new additions coming in iOS8 that would make PassBook way more frequently used I’m pretty sure the payment stuff will be put into that app.

The big three-story structure that Apple is building directly across from the conference hall is a fake house kitted out with HomeKit stuff so that Apple can demo that properly. This seems obvious to me after seeing a similar, much smaller, setup from Qualcomm at MWC. I’ll be really surprised if it isn’t this.

New iPads will be announced and will ship 1-2 weeks after event. Will have Touch ID and same as the iPhones will have A8, M8 chips.

The current 5s will move down to replace the 5c. They won’t bother wrapping it in plastic like they did to differentiate the 5c since it’s smaller size will differentiate it from the new phones anyway. The 5c will be discontinued so that they have Touch ID right across their iPhone and iPad lines.

There will be a watch announced on the 9th, but it won’t be shipping until January. This is so that it can go through all the FCC regulations and because Apple couldn’t meet holiday demand on a new product category. The watch won’t work on it’s own, or will be almost useless. It will be designed as an addition to an iPhone and/or Mac. It will show notifications and support quick responses to things like messages and calls. It will provide an audio link back to your iPhone so that you can do things like use Siri with it. It will track health stuff like steps, temperature, GSR, heart rate. If you forget your phone and start to walk away without it the watch will alert you. It will be able to act as remote for the current Apple TVs and for HomeKit stuff. Basically, Apple will be massively increasing device-to-device integration with all new and old products.

iOS 8 GM will be released immediately after the event. It will go public the same time as the two new phones ship, 1-2 weeks later.

Yosemite won’t be released at the same time as iOS 8. It will come out about a month later. Might seem weird because you need both to get all the handoff features, but they did a similar thing when they released iCloud Keychain with iOS 7 being out a bit before Mavericks, and I def think Yosemite is behind iOS 8 currently as far as stability goes.

There will be a Jony Ive video with him talking about the design and manufacturing of the new watch.

Immediately after the event everyone will say the watch and HomeKit stuff is terrible and that Tim Cook’s Apple can’t innovate, and then the stock price will plummet until after the sales figures for the new iPhones and watch start coming in and people see they are selling like crazy, then the stock will go up very, very slowly.

  • Indieshack

    wow, this was written BEFORE the event? Pretty much 100% accurate. Wish they’d retire Jony Ive videos – they’ve beocme self-parodying.

  • Wow!! Sometimes predictions are just the truth! Thanks for the info! I found similar information here!