I’m a designer and developer of software.  I create all types of software, but for at least the last decade my focus has been on mobile software.

I co-created WiFiFoFum, the most popular Wi-Fi scanner in the world, with my friend and colleague Malcolm Hall.  First on Windows Mobile, where it had over 3 million downloads, and later on iOS and Android, we built scanning software that allows millions to quickly and easily locate wireless access points.  The success of this product allowed me to co-found Dynamically Loaded, where I worked as CTO.

I also worked with Skyhook Wireless to design and create the initial war-driving software they rely on, and with Navizon (Mexens) to create a truly amazing crowd-sourced hybrid-positioning system.

I am extremely passionate about employing sound design to make reliable, innovative and useable software.  Whilst mobile software is a focus, and I’ve been lucky enough to have several of my iOS apps reach the number 1 spot in the App Store, I do spend some of my time on desktop/laptop products, and many of my OS X apps have also reached the number 1 spot in the Mac App store.